About Roger Kosaka

As a certified USBC (United States Bowling Congress) Bronze Level Coach, Pro Shop Owner / Operator and a 30+ yrs experienced bowler, it is my intent to provide the student with the most up to date information, knowledge and techniques needed to assist the student in becoming the best bowler that he / she can be given their ability, skill level and dedication to the sport.

It is my belief that through bowler improvement, the most important aspects of the game: fun and enjoyment will be experienced and thus bowler retention.

At the beginning of each session a brief, but informative discussion regarding the students reason(s) and intent for seeking out instructions / lessons is discussed. Goals are developed to help assist the student in reaching their goal(s).

Within a timely manner, a review of the student's session will be emailed to them for future reference.

Areas of focus are, but not limited to:
- Bowling etiquette
- Correct approach
- The importance of timingĀ 
- Release
- Ball motion
- Lane play
- Ball layouts