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Roger Kosaka
Roger KosakaOwner /
As a successful therapist for fourteen years, I had finally reached a point in my career where reflection and self evaluation was becoming the norm and treating patients was not. In attempt to rejuvenate the mental, emotional and creative "juices", I decided to take a much needed break. Fortunately, my good friend and teammate, Jim Cale, owner of Jim's Pro Shop offered me a position. It was during this time that I was able to learn and develop my skills as a pro shop professional; aiding in my decision and desire to enter the pro shop business. Presently, I am a IBPSIA (International Bowling Pro Shop and Instructors Association) Certified Pro Shop Technician, member and USBC Bowling Bronze Level Certified Coach. It is my belief that my education and experience in both the healthcare and bowling industries will assist me in providing the best service to my customers. With the support of family, friends and industry associates, Pin Point Bowling Concepts was born. Certifications: -IBPSIA (International Bowling Pro Shop and Instructors Association) Certified Technician -USBC Bronze Certified Instructor
Jairo Chiriboga
Jairo Chiriboga
As a person new to the sport of bowling, I was eager to find someone who would lead me in the right direction. It was during this time that I wandered into Pin Point Bowling Concepts, hoping to further my knowledge, understanding and skills regarding the game of bowling. After some time spent talking with Roger, I asked him to fit and drill a new ball for me. Before this could occur, he asked if he could "watch me bowl" to obtain a better understanding of my skill level; before a ball was chosen. Soon thereafter, a ball was chosen that would "fit" my present skill level. As our friendship grew, Roger eventually offered me a part-time apprenticeship and took me "under his wing." It was during this time I began to learn the basic fundamentals of becoming a pro shop operator; fitting, plugging, resurfacing, ball layouts, drilling and most importantly, the importance of servicing the customer. On May 20, 2010, after 23 years service as Vice-President of the check processing division of a nationally known bank, I was laid off. It was during this time that I felt I needed a change. With his encouragement and support, I enrolled in the IBPSIA (International Bowling Pro Shop and Instructors Association) bowling ball drilling course. Soon after I received my certification as a Certified Bowling Pro Shop Technician. This is where my journey begins...